Beaches & Waterfalls

Natural Unspoilt Beauty

A wildly romantic & unique setting in the calm of the North West Highlands

Beaches & Waterfalls

Gruinard Beach

For beaches worth visiting try to the south of Coorie and you will find Gruinard Beach on the A 832 road to Gairloch. Only a twenty minute drive from Coorie. A magnificent stretch of white sand in a relatively sheltered cove with the mountains providing the backdrop and sheltering enclosure. Nine times out of ten you will be alone even in the summer.

Sandwood Bay

To the north of Ullapool, a must visit is Sandwood Bay. The beach is considered to be one of the most unspoilt beaches in the whole of mainland Britain.

This remote bay has no road access but can be reached by a 4 mile, well-trodden and fairly flat path leading from the gravel car park at the hamlet of Blairmore. The bay is part of the Sandwood Estate which is run by the John Muir Trust.

The waterfall at Corieshalloch

Very close to us and well worth a stop-off being by the side of the road when you leave the A835 and turn towards Gairloch on the A832. This mile-long canyon, through which the River Droma rushes, takes its name from the Gaelic for ‘ugly hollow’. But that’s as far from the truth as can be.

Corrieshalloch is one of the most spectacular gorges of its type in Britain and provides striking evidence of how glacial meltwater can create deep gorges. The meltwater followed natural faults in the bedrock during several episodes of glaciation during the Quaternary ice ages, between 2.6 million and 11,500 years ago.

A short steep walk will bring you to a Victorian suspension bridge, where you can gaze down over a series of crashing waterfalls. Breathe in the Corrieshalloch air, infused with pine scents and droplets of water, and let the noise of the thundering waterfalls and the rushing river rumble through you.