Motoring & Touring

In The North West Highlands

Drive through the spectacular countryside & mountains of Scotland

Motoring  & Touring

Clearly in the Highlands we have unparalleled opportunities to drive through spectacular countryside and mountainous terrain. Many of the roads are single tracked and a mixture of care and courtesy to fellow road users is a must.

Sometimes this requires a little patience where the cause of you ‘traffic-jam’ will most likely be the sheep or cattle that freely roam with no regard for the highway code.

Take special care of the deer. They very often run across the road in front of vehicles causing damage and injury in the process. Keep a very sharp eye out at dusk.

Please remember to drive on the left hand side of the road.

This might sound like obvious advice but every year as foreign visitor numbers increase we hear of more and more instances of head-on accidents where one vehicle has been on the wrong side of the road.

Also, on single track roads when you come to a passing place with on-coming traffic please remember to move over to the left hand side of the road. Don’t be tempted to head for the passing place if it is on the opposite side – you will quite likely find that the person in the other car has had the same idea !

Above all enjoy the roads. In the Highlands it is not about getting there in record time. It’s about taking in the view and allowing yourself to experience the magnificent countryside.