Wildlife & Nature

In the Scottish Highlands

a diverse and unique environment allows flora & fauna to flourish

Wildlife & Nature

Here in the maritime costal region of the North West Highlands we have an extraordinary and wide range of flora and fauna. Some very rare and unusual, some more common but all with their own characteristics that go to make this region of Europe so special and diverse in its environment. It is the combination of the mountains and the Atlantic coast with the beneficial effects of the Gulf Stream that enables the wildlife of this part of the world to flourish.

Warmer than usual temperatures, plentiful rainfall interspersed with long summer days when the night never gets dark, principally due to the fact that we are so far north positioned on the same latitude as Hudson Bay, Canada.

A further feature of this location is the appearance of the Arora Borealis – the Northern Lights – which can be seen on clear nights particularly in late autumn.

Surrounded by nature, the wildlife at Coorie Cottage on Lochbroom is exceptional.  Above soar golden eagles and the white tailed sea eagle with numerous other birdlife, some of which are extremely rare.

The observant may spot the illusive pine marten and red squirrels can be seen in the forest of the nearby Dundonnell Estate.  A true haven for lovers of the natural world and where your favourite canine friend is also welcome.